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Engine Repair

Repair from alternators to water pumps on all makes and models A-Z. No job too big or too small. Let us help you make your engine purr.

Rotate and Balance

Make your car drive smooth, and prolong your tire life with balanced and rotated tires.

Fluid Exchanges

We offer preventive maintenance to enhance the lifetime of your vehicle.

Most Popular

Premium A/C Service

With a Premium A/C Service, we do more than just add Freon. We Evacuate, And recharge your system with the proper amount of Freon, as well as diagnose leaks, and performance issues. To ensure your A/C System is running at Peak Levels.

Extensive Vehicle Inspection

Safety inspections for passenger cars and light-duty trucks require that the following items be checked: suspension components, steering, braking systems, tires and wheels, lighting and electrical systems, glazing (glass), mirrors, windshield washer, defroster, wipers, fuel systems, the speedometer, the odometer, the exhaust systems, horns and warning devices, And everything in between.

Fuel Injection Cleaning

Fuel injector cleaning service cleans fuel injectors in order to keep a vehicle running efficiently. Over time the use of low octane and low quality fuels will cause buildup on the injectors and can cause them to become clogged. When the engine is turned off there is still fuel on the end of the fuel injectors. The fuel will evaporate on its own but leaves behind small particles which become solid. This process occurs every time the engine is turned off slowly causing buildup on the injectors.


Price List

Service Additional Costs Cars/Trucks Heavy Duty Vehicles
Hourly Rate   $64.00 $74.00
Engine Diagnostics   $58.00 $68.00
Trans, Diagnostics   $58.00 $68.00
Electrical Diagnostics   $58.00 $68.00
Advance Electrical Per Hour Rate $64.00 $74.00
A/C Service $15.00 per lb $89.95 $99.95
Coolant Flush   $89.95 $99.95
Fuel Injector Service   $89.95 $99.95
Throttle Body Service   $89.95 $99.95
Safety Inspection   $58.00 $68.00
New car Inspection   $58.00 $68.00
Brake Fluid Flush $11.23 pint $64.00 $74.00
Transmission Service Most Cars $129.95 $159.95
Basic Tune Up Starting At $69.95 $89.95
Brake Job Starting At $89.95 $129.95